Grace’s Paint

Grace’s Paint is now available on the iOS App Store!

About Grace’s Paint

Grace’s Paint is a simple, free drawing and photo-tracing program made in HTML5, JavaScript, and a little bit of Swift.

  • Tap and drag to draw (you can use more than one finger!).
  • Tap and hold to “spill” the color.
  • Switch between drawing and erasing with the pencil and eraser buttons.
    • Hint: to erase your whole drawing, switch to the eraser then tap and hold on the drawing to “spill”.
  • Tap the “wells” on the side to change brush color, size, and shape.
  • Change the colors by holding the rainbow buttons; restore the starting colors with the reset button.
  • Save your drawings to the photo library with the save button.
  • Draw on photos! Load photos from your library or take pictures with the camera.
  • Once a photo is loaded, you can hide it or remove it.

Grace’s Paint is designed to be as easy to use for kids of all ages. The interface requires as few actions as possible and provides immediate feedback — but with a few fun surprises here and there.

The software is written primarily in HTML5 and JavaScript, with a Swift wrapper providing a WKWebView to display the HTML5 app and access to the Camera and Photo Library functions. Here is an old browser-based prototype using only HTML5/JavaScript (and no camera/photo features).


Please email with any questions or issues about Grace’s Paint.

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Photo-related icons by Google’s Material Design project at Licensed under Apache 2 license (